Light conductor

With the current trend of utilising the garden area as an additional living space, the Wise Controls system from Focus SB has been developed to bring exterior lighting under wireless control.
Once programmed, this wireless technology provides a very effective way of dimming and switching exterior lighting, as well as a convenient method of opening garage doors, operating driveway lighting, or activating pond pumps or electric shutters, by simply activating the Wise Remote Fob. This can be used from anywhere in the home or garden. Unlike hardwired solutions, this system doesn’t need cabling to be run between the receivers and switches making it both quick and easy to install
With a long range of up to 200 metres from the wireless switch controls, its IP54 rating enables it to be used to control decking lights, shed lights, path lights or pond pumps within a garden or any exterior environment. Once programmed Wise Dim remembers the last preset level and will return to it whenever the system is switched on. Its design simplicity enables users to create their own lighting scene setting combinations to suit their mood or activity.

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