Chopping bills

According to figures released today sales of woodcutting machinery such as chainsaws, hatchets and axes have shot through the roof following rises in gas and electricity prices over the last year.

The figures, released by online garden machinery supermarket Mower, show that sales of woodcutting items have been steadily increasing since January when the first of the price rises came into effect. However, as the colder weather sets in the increase has become an upsurge with 25% rises year on year in September, October and November. With Christmas approaching and energy companies still refusing to pass on cost savings Mower Magic is already projecting a further year on year profit gain of 40 % in December.

John Hall managing director of Mower Magic says: “People are sick of being dictated to by energy companies and there’s a big move towards sustainable living and self sufficiency so is it any wonder people are looking for alternative sources of fuel. Chopping your own wood and opening up long forgotten fireplaces to heat your house is a great way to cut down on energy prices. Because of this we’ve introduced two new products the Smart Log Splitter and the Smart Saw Horse both of which are easy to use and require no additional energy consumption.”

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