Charge and go -low noise low emission

ECHO has introduced a new range of 50V Lithium Ion battery products, including a Hedgetrimmer, a Trimmer and Power Blower that take on their petrol counterparts with a wealth of added benefits.
The DHC-200 Hedgetrimmer and DSRM-300 Trimmer each come with a 2Ah battery as standard and the option of a 4Ah battery for a longer run time. The DPB-600 Power Blower has a 4Ah as standard. Both types of battery fit other ECHO 50V tools, so there’s no need to buy different types of battery or chargers.
What’s outstanding about these 50V battery products is the fact they produce petrol performance and are professional grade tools built to the same standards as ECHO’s petrol range. They are powerful, tough, durable and built to last, but the similarities stop there. With their easy to use controls there’s no recoil start and no fuel-filling. You just charge and go. They are low noise and low emission so they are ideal for use around sensitive areas such as schools and nursing homes, amenity and visitor centres, parks and gardens. Lightweight and well balanced, each tool is easy to control and manoeuvre and can be used for long periods with little user fatigue. Maintenance is reduced because there are fewer moving parts. In fact each product has a brushless motor which is long-lasting and maintenance free due to non-wearing parts, which has a big impact on reducing downtime and servicing costs. Emissions are managed by energy efficient motor controls for speed, power delivery and battery temperature, with the added benefits of improved cutting and blowing performance and longer battery life. Using a rapid charger, quick charging also reduces downtime so more jobs can be completed in a day; and there is of course that option of using 4Ah batteries for longer run time.
A two-year professional and five-year domestic warranty on all ECHO Lithium Ion b products, including a 2-year warranty on batteries
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