Carry on

Carry on gardening has been launched by Thrive, the national charity that uses gardening to change lives. Even for those who are fit and able, gardening is a demanding job which can cause everyday aches and pains, and aggravate problems like a bad back or weak hands. With the warmer months and longer days finally here, gardeners will be spending more time working in their gardens. All too often they don’t plan or equip themselves properly, and regret it the next day when they have aching legs, arms and a sore back.
Thrive’s new website is packed with information to make everyday gardening jobs like digging, weeding, watering and planting easier and more enjoyable for everyone. The website includes the following:

Long handled trowel:
Garden gripper:
Raised beds:
ne-handed mower:
One-handed grass shears:
Battery powered shears:

Thrive’s new website has a complete section to help visually impaired gardeners:
Control valve watering can:

Have you had a stroke or are you living with heart disease and want to get back into the garden and try light, simple jobs like planting seeds or watering your pots’

Carry on Gardening has a complete section on how to use gardening to help recovery after stroke or when you’re living with heart disease..
Lightweight telescopic hedge shears:
Half-size hedge shears:

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