B&P Handelskwekerijen (B&P Commercial Nurseries)……………….. Holland

B&P Handelskwekerijen is a collaboration between four production companies, each with their own speciality. The four businesses together hold around 100 hectares of cultivated land within a 10 kilometre radius in the Neder-Betuwe area. Their headquarters are in Kesteren, and all deliveries come from there.
The range encompasses some 350 plant varieties. The products include decorative, avenue and multistem trees, containerised or grown in the open ground. Container cultivation allows deliveries to be made right through the year. The second advantage of containerisation is a dense root system, allowing the tree to root quickly and well at its new location. B&P were forerunners with this development.
A more recent innovation is “gutter” cultivation, partly developed by B&P and in use at a further three locations. The plants are grown in these gutters for the first six months. Annual production at B&P Handelskwekerijen is around 20,000 specimens. The benefits include improved time planning, self-direction, a higher success rate and better working conditions as the gutters are placed at a convenient 75 centimetre height. The investment is soon recovered thanks to time savings. The system is undergoing further development with the aim of reducing the cost price.
The cultivation of multistem trees is another interesting development. The method was adopted some ten years ago in response to customer demand, and today virtually the entire range of avenue trees is available in this form, with the companies seeking new sales markets. Eastern Europe and France are two major sales markets for this product, but the trees are sold in all 18 European countries.
The trees are sold as semi-mature and mature growth and go to growers as well as dealers.
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