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Betuwe Plant B.V., established by brothers Karel and Cor Huibers, will have been in business for twelve years this October and specialises in trees for garden centres. The full range they offer is quite diverse, however the main offering is trees for smaller gardens, carried by all Dutch garden centres and many in Belgium. These account for around 65% of total revenue. Exports to various other countries are also significant and much of their product finds its way to the Dutch and German auctions.
Their range includes some 125 varieties, with trees of all sizes supplied in containers ranging from 10 litres to 110 litres. As well as containerised trees they also supply customers at home and abroad with trees with root balls or bare roots.
They have some 7 hectares of land under cultivation and their two growing locations house 10,000 and 8,000 containers respectively. These trees are brought back to the home nursery in December. Some 88,000 plants were delivered in 2011, and there is still plenty of room for further growth as Betuwe Plant expand their container and open ground nursery space.
The company handle their own transport, and around 80% of the trees leave the premises bar-coded and labelled. The firm supply their own labels or alternatively the garden centre’s own labels with a photograph, cultivation advice and a retail price can be attached. Quality and service are key drivers for the Betuweplant team.
This spring they have teamed up with another pair of brothers, Willem and Henk Huibers, to buy into a plant breeding business in Elburg, with a healthy turnover producing high quality young plants in p9 pots, 1 litre pots and as rooted cuttings. The business has ten staff with disabilities. The aim is for further expansion of the business with increased production of stems. The two companies trade jointly under the banner of Batouwe Plant BV.
+31 (0) 488443202

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