Bird problems

Professional Bird Spikes, supplied by Procter Pest-Stop, are the proven solution to problems caused by birds such as feral pigeons, herring gulls and starlings to property and public spaces.
Supplied in 50cm strips, the Professional Bird Spikes can be cut to size then screwed or glued to any type of surface, including window sills, ledges, guttering and walls, to discourage birds from landing on the protected property.
While all birds, along with their eggs and nests are protected by law – and several specific species such as house sparrows and starlings are in serious decline – Procter Pest-Stop has developed the Professional Bird Spikes to deal only with the problems they can cause. Indeed, the company is committed to the wellbeing of every species for the enjoyment of all.
The product is available for immediate delivery
Further information about the Professional Bird Spikes, including a Technical Data Sheet and key information for stockists is also available at the website.

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