52,000 bluebells

British Wild Flower Plants in North Burlingham will be delivering 52,000 bluebells to Sherwood Forest in May to enhance a beautiful ancient woodland.
Grown from their seed for three years, the 13,000 pots of native English bluebells will fill 26 trollies. They will be transported by lorry, travelling more than 130 miles to Center Parcs in Nottingham.
Chosen for their rarity in ancient woodlands nowadays, the English bluebells will help to restore the area to its original state while enhancing the natural habitat.
British Wild Flower Plants has over 380 species of wild flower plants available at its six acre nursery and is growing flowers for three gardens at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.
Linda Laxton, owner of British Wild Flower Plants has worked with Center Parcs for the past 20 years and is pleased to be helping an organisation that cares for the environment: “The team at Center Parcs are very focussed on preserving the natural woodland habitat and they have already received heathers and other plants to enhance biodiversity.
“Woodlands in the spring are so beautiful, and the bluebells will add to the ancient woodland feel. It definitely makes you feel relaxed.”

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