Bill of health …Technical Surfaces

Revite is ideal to augment any ongoing synthetic surface maintenance programme. The process should be carried out annually or bi-annually dependent on levels of pitch usage and current maintenance procedures. The specialist brushing process is designed to get much deeper into the artificial carpet than conventional Power Sweeping. The machinery used to perform the Revite agitates the surface to decompact the infill, separating contaminants from the infill before removing them from the surface, whilst helping to lift the carpet fibres that have flattened over time as a result of play.
To achieve the best results, conditions must be as dry as possible, which is why the Revite is generally carried out between April and September each year, when the pitch surface is dry allowing the brushing action and powerful vacuum turbine to remove dust, debris and broken-down carpet fibres. Failure to remove such debris will result in the contamination filtering down through the infill ultimately affecting drainage and the playing characteristics of the surface.
This specialist process can take anything up to 8 man days to complete, depending on the level of contamination present in the pitch and the age of the facility. However in normal operations Technical Surfaces help to minimise pitch downtime and seize the window of opportunity in the weather by employing several teams on the surface at one time.
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