Global Recycling have launched the Bandit Mini 1680 Beast.

This machine is a smaller version of the well established 3680 Beast, which has always been known for its high outputs, low running costs and reliability. The 1680 encompasses all these qualities and has a HP ranging up to 275HP. It is fitted with a steel in-feed bed and easy slide in screen changes, which are fast and efficient, enabling you to produce a size to meet your exact requirements.

The throughputs can range up to as high as 24 tons per hour. The head is fitted with bolt-in cutterbodies and teeth, enabling you to change the set up according to the material being processed.

The versatility of the machine enables a quick tooth change from green waste/wood waste shredding teeth to knives, enabling the machine to produce an even chip in one pass. The chip meets the P30 and P50 European bio-fuel standards.

The HP ranges from 200-275HP and has a range of options, i.e. magnetic head roller, remote control and it can also be fitted on tracks.

Since the launch of this unit in March, 4 units have been sold, with the first unit being delivered in June to South Wales.

Tel 0870 770 8540

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