Sod cutting made easy

The heavy use of outdoor spaces, particularly when combined with sun and warmer temperatures in summer months, can put turf under a lot of strain, leaving it stressed and scorched. There are a number of ways to revive damaged areas of grass, but in some cases, it can be beyond repair, so turf and sod removal will need to take place in order to restore it back to its former health.

Billy Goat SC18 Hydrostatic Drive Sod Cutter.

Sods can be removed using manual tools, such as a shovel, but it can be tiresome and back-breaking work, particularly for larger areas. For ultimate ease and fatigue-free operation, landscapers turn to using powered sod cutter such as the Billy Goat SC18 Hydrostatic Drive Sod Cutter.

Powered by a reliable Honda engine and a robust drive and cut system, the SC18 Series is the perfect companion that makes light work of turf extraction. Its variable speed hydrostatic transmission allows users to match the cutting speed to the ground condition they are dealing with, making it a lot easier to cut through turf and soil. The specially designed wheels also create a softer touch, ensuring that the surrounding grass remains in good condition while removing the unwanted area.

Straight cutting

The SC18 also comes equipped with a rear cater wheel for curved cuts while its locks allow for straight cutting, making it an invaluable tool for cutting irrigation channels, landscapes and sports fields – especially golf courses. Plus, its handle isolation mounts absorb all of the vibration, making use smooth and fatigue-free.

Billy Goat has a wide range of property clean-up tools for residential, commercial or municipal requirements, so no matter how big or small, exterior spaces will stay looking its best.

Available via Henton & Chattell

Billy Goat products are available nationwide through Henton & Chattell’s dealer network.

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