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The latest leaf blowers and ground clearance offerings for a for a quick clean up solution of fallen leaves from the latest storms

Leaf clearance STIHL BGA 300: With a maximum blowing force of 26 newtons, this cordless backpack blower – the most powerful in the STIHL cordless range – features a high air speed to ensure even wet, heavy autumn leaves can be cleared quickly and efficiently. It is powered using STIHL’s professional AP System AR 2000 L or AR 3000 L backpack batteries.

Thanks to the STIHL Noise Reduction System, the BGA 300 produces fewer high pitch frequencies often associated with cordless blowers, meaning operation is less intrusive for bystanders and is therefore suited for use in noise-sensitive areas such as schools, parks or around public amenities.

The maximum blowing force can be selected from three power setting options via the selector switch, allowing for efficient energy management and longer runtimes. Boost mode may also be selected to provide maximum power for the toughest clearing jobs. Furthermore, the new cordless blower features an LED power display and cruise control function to enable simple energy management and comfort.

EGO LBP8000E Backpack Blower:  This cordless backpack blower is available for both domestic and Leaf clearance professional use. Featuring EGO’s PeakPower™ technology and a more powerful motor, it offers extra runtime and better performance.

It uses EGO’s 56V ARC Lithium™  battery, that works across the entire EGO range. Each battery features EGO’s unique KeepCool™ technology, intelligent power management, fast recharge plus other innovations designed to deliver convenience, quality and reliability.

Says Vince Brauns, Group Product Manager at EGO:  “The new LBP8000E ensures that clearing work is quicker and more efficient, without any of the noise or fumes of petrol tools. Our PeakPower™ system fully harnesses the potential of using two EGO batteries at once, making it possible to provide extra runtime and power.

“Designed with an improved user interface, control system and newer, more powerful motor, the LBP8000E represents a step change in comfortable, efficient working.”

PeakPower™ combines the power of two EGO batteries for maximum output and up to two and a half hours of runtime. The new motor enhances air speed and delivers class-leading cordless equipment air volume of 1360m³/h. Upgraded PCBA cooling further improves durability, while the integrated tool stand helps keep the harness and batteries clean and dry.

Husqvarna 550iBTX:  This robust battery backpack blower combines high blowing capacity, low vibration and Leaf clearance low noise levels.  With a 14N blowing force and continuous 21N boost mode, this battery blower provides the equivalent blowing capacity to petrol power, ensuring pro-level productivity and results when clearing thick layers of fallen foliage, debris and dirt from large areas.

It features an ergonomically designed, ventilated harness that significantly alleviates the strain on the body by providing hip and shoulder-assisted support, meaning professionals can maintain their focus on the job while maximising productivity. The blower also fulfils the IPX4 classification for rain resistance, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable tool that can be used all year round in all weather conditions. Additionally, it is equipped with an intuitive user interface, featuring glove-friendly buttons and a battery status indicator for convenient operation and enabling users to effectively plan their work based on remaining battery runtime.

Makita UB002C 36V:  This backpack blower has a performance output that matches a 50cc petrol machine but Leaf clearancewith minimal noise and vibration.

The powerful UB002C features a simple variable speed control and produces a blowing force of 22 newtons, a maximum air volume of up to 19.0 m3 /min and an air velocity of up to 76.0 m/sec. The 36V power is supplied by the Makita PDC1200 portable backpack battery, which can be used with a range of compatible Makita cordless machines. The PDC1200 includes a 33Ah solid state battery and with the UB002C provides approximately a 45-minute continuous run-time at maximum power, offering most contractors enough to cover a day’s work based on actual trigger time.

With the weight of the machine and battery transferred to the user’s back, rather than supported by their arm, the UB002C can be operated more comfortably for longer. It is also IPX4 rated meaning it is showerproof and can therefore be used in changeable weather conditions.

The UB002C is available as a body only (UB002CZ) option or supplied with the PDC1200A02 portable battery pack (UB002CX3).

Kress Commercial 60V Backpack Blower:  Ideal for all-weather landscaping, this combines lasting power withLeaf clearance whisper-quiet operation, making it a reliable choice year-round. The innovative eight minute CyberSystem battery ensures sustained performance without the hassle of cords, fuel or dead batteries. The ergonomic backpack design prioritises user comfort, allowing for extended, strain-free use. Rain or shine, the Kress blower is ready, thanks to its waterproof build. It can withstand the elements to keep projects on track.

It has impressive power – with a blowing force of 35 N – and has Ultra-Silent Technology, producing only 63dB of noise from 15 metres away.  The Kress commercial leaf blower offers silent power, durability and ergonomic comfort, revolutionising the landscaping experience.

GKB Leaf Reducer:  Leaf clearanceThis offers an economic and environmentally friendly solution to large scale leaf collection – effectively mulching the material and returning it, and its nutrients, back into the surface to the benefit of impoverished soils.

In a single pass, the paddles on the Leaf Reducer collect the leaves before a turbine provides both initial fragmentation and the airflow needed to pull the material into the machine where it is further milled into a fine mulch. This is then returned to the surface via a rear ejector, which can be adjusted to a desired direction depending on the location.

The Leaf Reducer has been developed in direct response to demand from local authorities, looking for a more sustainable working method to using existing tools and trucks to collect and dispose of fallen leaves. When compared to other conventional methods of leaf clearance, the GKB machine emits less than half of the CO2 emissions per hectare of ground covered – and over a 200% reduction on the combination of blowing, vacuuming and composting of material.

The Leaf Reducer is available with a 1.5m working width, and an adjustable working height to treat areas with both low and higher heights of cut.

Redexim Turf TidyLeaf clearanceAvailable with a 1.8m working width, the Turf Tidy is a versatile scarifier collector, which can be used to effectively verti-cut, flail mow or collect leaves on a variety of different turf surfaces.

The fully floating head of the Turf Tidy follows ground contours ensuring accurate collection of leaves and other surface debris such as pine needles, cores or grass clippings. Powerful suction is provided by wind paddles creating updraft in conjunction with the blades, which ensures strong pick up of debris when the sweeper head is fitted, and a superior cut quality when mowing or verti-cutting.

At just over 1500kg, the Turf Tidy 3000 offers a high work rate without demanding a large tractor, meaning that it only requires a 25hp for sweeping, up to 45hp for other operations. Offering a 3.0m3 (106cu.ft) hopper capacity, it features a hydraulic high-tip mechanism, lifting and offloading the hopper contents at a maximum height of 2.17m for quick and convenient emptying straight into a loader or trailer.

For sweeping on hard surfaces, an optional brush head improves leaf and debris collection or, for work on softer ground, the Turf Tidy 3000 can be specified with four rear tyres to help minimise ground pressure.

Easy access to the rotor makes for simple removal and installation of different blades, improving efficiency and reducing machinery downtime.

Trilo Blower Range:  Leaf clearanceThese selection of blowers are designed with large capacities to ensure a far-reaching, effective airflow in a given direction. Powered by a 30hp tractor, the Trilo B7 is a compact, light-weight blower with a reverse exhaust nozzle which can be operated from the driver’s seat. By setting the nozzle downwards, the B7 is capable of cleaning both sides of a path simultaneously. High-power combined with ease of adjustment and optimal manoeuvrability means the B7 is ideal for leaf clearance on car parks, roads or roadside verges.

Moving up through the range the BL960 is one of the most powerful blowers on the market, which requires a 50hp tractor, has a capacity of 385m3/min and delivers an airspeed of 75m/s which makes it a popular choice for large areas such as parks or sports fields. In addition, and like the B7, the exhaust spout can be hydraulically adjusted to deliver powerful airflow in any desired direction.

For effective leaf clearance in smaller areas, Trilo also offer the SU range of vacuum loaders which facilitate the rapid vacuuming of leaves, litter, grass and wood chippings in a compact, easily transportable unit. Mounted on a towable chassis and available in two sizes – the SU40 and SU60, which offers a more powerful motor and features an electrical starter engine – both are equipped with a wander hose for convenient, effective cleaning of restricted-access spaces into an awaiting truck or trailer.


Billy Goat X3000CE:  For large-scale areas and major clean up tasks, the X3000CE Zero Turn Stand-On Blower is Leaf clearancethe optimal choice. Equipped with a high-performance 23hp Vanguard engine, this blower delivers an incredible air velocity of up to 226 mph and airflow of 184+ m3 per minute. It provides extraordinary leaf-clearing capabilities, allowing users to conquer significant cleanup projects with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

What sets the X3000CE apart from other blowers is its remarkable zero-turn manoeuvrability. The intuitive steering system enables seamless pivoting, making navigating around obstacles, trees, and intricate landscapes an effortless process. This not only saves users valuable time but also reduces the physical strain often associated with manual leaf raking.

This blower compliments others in the Billy Goat range to include the F1002V Wheeled leaf blower for medium sized outdoor spaces and the F602V blower ideal for garden spaces.


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