Xylella fastidiosa Action Plan

Because of the threat of Xylella fastidiosa and the potential devastation it poses to the horticultural industry, the HTA has created a 30-day action plan, to increase awareness of Xylella and help reduce the threat of it being introduced into the United Kingdom.
The HTA is producing Xylella Guidance Toolkits for business. These materials can also be used to hold cluster meetings within a local area to ensure businesses are working together where possible. With the destruction of stock within 100m, and a 5km movement ban in place as a result of an outbreak, shared responsibility is vital.
The HTA is also sending out 500 letters to non-member businesses, encouraging them to sign up to the HTA Responsible Sourcing Statement.
The Plant Health Assurance Scheme is a HTA-led pilot development of an industry scheme to drive improvement in plant health management at nurseries. This idea came from the HTA and APHA Biosecurity Conference 2015, and a prototype scheme developed by Boningale Nurseries. The HTA is following up on a proposal with government, and hopes to achieve backing and support.The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is also creating industry-accredited training to help improve biosecurity practice. The HTA is helping to develop it, and will promote its roll out.

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