Protecting Bees

Following news the EU has banned the use of pesticides in order to protect bees, B&Q has released a statement.
Steve Guy, Market Director at B&Q, said: “B&Q was the first UK retailer to introduce a total ban on plants grown using neonicotinoids, and we absolutely welcome this new EU legislation. Back in 2017 we worked in conjunction with our growers to come up with a plan that saw B&Q become the first major retailer to take this important step. We’ve seen a brilliant response from consumers since we made this announcement – people really seem to understand just how important it is to support bees in their nature habitat.
“We believe this new legislation will make an enormous difference to the population of bees in the UK. The public can support them by planting flowering pollinators in their gardens and using products that support nature, like our new Safe By Nature plant feed – a plant food made from natural ingredients to give the right balance of nutrients to grow strong, healthy roots and abundant fruits.”

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