Trust in Sow Green…

The magnificent country estate at Cliveden, owned and maintained by The National Trust, is set amongst acres of beautiful Berkshire countryside overlooking the River Thames. The estate was once the glittering hub of society as the home to notorious socialites Waldorf and Nancy Astor, while later in the 20th century it was infamously associated with the Profumo Affair. Cliveden has more recently been the setting for period dramas, summer concerts and footballers’ weddings.
Attracting over 220,000 visitors each year, the well-trodden pathways bear the brunt of this heavy wear. When Cliveden’s Head Gardener, Andrew Mudge read about saw SowGreen in The Landscaper he realised he had found the perfect solution – convert the pathways to SowGreen artificial lawn.
“The long, straight grass paths were beginning to affect the appearance of the gardens,” commented Andrew. “The area was becoming a mud patch during the wetter period and now, with the recent hot dry weather it has become a mini dust bowl. We looked at a few alternatives, but decided that SowGreen was the best option for us – both in terms of the overall appearance and from a maintenance point of view. Indeed, many of our visitors do not even realise that they have been walking on artificial grass – it blends so well into our landscape.”

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