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Lano Outdoor has an impressive portfolio of options to cater for every requirement, with recreational, commercial or sports.
Lano Outdoor artificial grasses are manufactured using UV-resistant polypropylene and polyethylene for maximum durability and long-term appearance retention. Designed to meet the diverse needs of different landscaping applications, the collection includes products such as Green Space, Ever Grass, Extra Grass + and Green Meadow.
Each synthetic grass has been developed to provide landscape gardeners and designers with grasses ranging from 7mm to 30mm in length. Backed by a tough woven polypropylene layer that ensures tuft lock, these grasses are specifically designed for landscaping applications.
“With solutions for environments ranging from temporary ‘green’ areas in bars and restaurants to domestic gardens, public spaces and commercial applications, Lano Outdoor artificial grasses are ideal for designers and landscape gardeners looking to create striking low maintenance areas.
“Lano Outdoor artificial grasses take elements of our association approved sports turfs and adapt them for residential and commercial use,” says Birger Karlsson, UK and Ireland Sales Manager.
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