Bank on It…

“We have a very steep slope in our garden that we previously mowed with a Flymo but found the maintenance hard to cope with”, commented Mrs Fletcher from Staffordshire. “We looked at our options and considered having a staggered concrete terrace, but we quickly ruled that out because we had spent years designing our garden and wanted to retain our ‘green space’ with plants and borders without creating a concrete jungle which would have been impossible”.
The other major factor for choosing artificial grass was because of the sheer scale of changing the entire landscape of their garden. Hundreds of tonnes of excavated soil would have to be removed and lifted up and over their house using a crane because of access restrictions to the rear of the property.
Before deciding on which company and product to choose, the Fletchers looked around and short-listed three companies. “There was no hard-sell and the product looked the most realistic; these were the main reasons why we finally chose SowGreen. We felt very comfortable with their sales team and once the installation team came in the level of great service continued. We enjoyed the whole process and love the transformation that SowGreen has made to our garden”.

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