Mower Manoeuvrability

Cub Cadet’s PRO Z Series mowers have been given the official seal of approval by 100 landscapers who put the machines through their paces for a rigorous testing period of 16 weeks.
All the PRO machines have extreme strength at their core, with the PRO Z7 offering a commercial-grade Kawasaki engine, and seat with an isolation-dampening system and lumbar adjustments.
The PRO Z7 and the PRO Z5 have the industry’s only Triple 7-gauge deck, which features three layers of 7-gauge steel, plus a 1/4-inch leading edge and 5/16-inch side reinforcements. From frame to front yoke, the Pro Z7 is designed to absorb the impact of rough terrain and stand up to the demands of everyday professional use.
In addition, the full-length laser-cut steel frame and 5/16-inch steel rear bumpers are protected with a durable e-coating. High-back suspension seats with lumbar support and padded armrests are standard.
Synchro Steer delivers manoeuvrability and control, with smooth, precise handling and increasing hillside stability. As the steering wheel controls all four wheels – a system exclusive to Cub Cadet and the commercial sector – it delivers increased productivity as it enables the mowing of hillsides and terrains that lap bars cannot handle.
Phil Noble, Field Sales and Technical Manager for Cub Cadet UK, said: “The PRO Z7 is loaded with features that have been painstakingly designed for exceptional performance, unmatched comfort and beautiful results. We are dedicated to working with the professional sector, and believe that we have created products that will prove to be, not only popular, but indispensable to the market.”

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