Extreme weather- rapid growth

This is the second growing season for the trees planted by Grace Landscapes on the 5 hectares surrounding the biggest Dairy processing development in Europe, at ARLA, Aston Clinton, Aylesbury.
48,000metres of Leaky Pipe was installed during the Spring 2014 to help ensure rapid growth of the green screen surrounding this award-winning, camouflaged building where milk, butter and yoghurt is made.
The Leaky Pipe System has already done the most important part of its work, during the first season.  But it will continue to service the area with irrigation water for many years to come.
Chris Fermor of Leaky Pipes told The Landscaper “Once again we see a variety of extreme weathers across the country this season.  April – exceptionally sunny and dry, a damp, a cool May followed by a dry, hot and sometimes breezy June.  All leading to a fair amount of stress for Landscape Professionals, particularly those that are trying to plant trees and hedging during the last few weeks.
“The cost of establishing new plantings set against the potential cost of replacing lost subjects can often justify the addition of a good, reliable and economic method of watering many schemes.   Especially as good irrigation can reduce plant losses, but can also double growth & speed maturity.
“Sometimes, irrigation systems are perceived to be costly and awkward item to add to a Landscapers day – but it doesn’t need to be. “
Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd have released a new website that includes video help with the design, use and fittings of their products to many landscape applications.  There’s an online catalogue with commercial quantity discounts available.
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