World’s first amphibian ATV …….. Gibbs

The makers of the amphibian car Aquada have come up with an ATV (quad) that can turn into a jetski in 5 seconds!
An ATV that can transform itself to Jetski has been manufactured by Quadski. The vehicle which can convert itself to an ATV will take almost 5 seconds for its transformation. A button press is all that is needed for the conversion. It is the world’s first Amphibian Quadbike/ATV.
The vehicle is specially designed for those who requires amphibious needs. It uses a 140bhp motor and can reach up to 72km/hr. It can be used for both land and water purposes alike. The vehicle makes an ideal susbtitue for those activities such as life saving clubs, search and rescue, military, emergency services. This can be also used in those places where a two wheeler or a four wheeler vehicle is of no use.
The Quadski vechicle is powered by a 140bhp petrol engine. It uses wheels while it is traversing through land and uses a marine jet pump on water. At the press of a switch, the wheels of the vehicle are retracted to the body and the vehicle is ready for water use.
The Quadski jet can travel two hours at a stretch in water and 600 kilometers while on land. It offers amphibious facility in its transport and aims farmers who need both forms of transport.
Alan Gibbs, founder of Gibbs Technologies said, “”I know consumers will love the fun of driving a Quadski on land one minute and then head straight into the sea or river the next. But there is a very serious side to Quadski as well: emergency services and aid workers will be able to reach areas and people no two or four wheel drive vehicle could reach.”
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