Water Water

The Aquafeed system uses a series of highly absorbent wicks that draw water up from a built-in reservoir onto a capillary matting pad that disperses water evenly throughout the compost, ensuring even and constant moisture to prolong flowering, reduce maintenance and save precious water.
Changes in UK weather patterns are likely to mean that summers are becoming drier but interspersed with a combination of torrential rain and high wind. These three factors can create horrendous growing conditions for container plants.
City Councils in Birmingham and Nottingham have been using Amberol’s Aquafeed planters and hanging baskets over a two-year period, both are impressed with the results.
Gary McManus, Birmingham City Council’s floral enhancement manager, said: “Amberol’s Aquafeed system provides excellent labour and water saving benefits. Watering has been reduced to three
times a week during the summer months showing a substantial saving in both labour and water.”

The Aquafeed system is available in a wide range of sizes of barrier and half barrier boxes, wall and window boxes, hanging baskets, up-the-pole baskets, various styles of planters plus floral fountain and beehive planters.
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