Versatile protection from sun

Developed in Australia over 25 years ago to provide versatile protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays shade sails have proved so successful that they are now becoming mandatory for schools and childcare facilities.
A ‘Shade Sail’ is a non-permanent fabric membrane that is held up by fixings on poles or attached to a building, in a horizontal or angled manner. Usually Shade Sails are flat, i.e. two dimensional, although they can have some twist in them by placing the fixings at different heights. Three dimensional fabric structures can be created – although these often require more tension and stronger fixings
Shade Sails are increasingly appearing in many other areas as functional ‘shade solutions’, and with the ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces Shade Sails often provide the ideal solution for accommodating smokers, as they fulfil the legal requirements of having more than 50% of wall space open to the elements.
Shade Sails are simple yet visually striking and provide up to 96% UV protection:
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