Saving rain

Hanson Formpave recently installed the Aquaflow rainwater harvesting system and Aquapave block into a domestic driveway in Bristol with remarkable results.

The homeowners have seen numerous benefits since installing the system including a large reduction in surface water build up that previously caused a flooding threat to their house, a constant supply of recycled water for non potable purposes such as watering the garden and washing the car, and the potential to dramatically reduce their water bills.

“We are absolutely delighted with our Aquaflow driveway and we have noticed a tremendous difference in the way rainwater is handled,” said homeowner Mrs Reed. “The way that our driveway slopes down towards our house from the road means that when it rained it would nearly always result in surface flooding and an inch of rainwater would collect outside our front door. Since we have had the new system installed, all of the rainwater filters down into the paving even during heavy downpours.”

The system involves linking the roofs and paths through the Aquaflow permeable pavement (the drive) and into the void sub-base. The rainfall (run-off) is stored within this ‘reservoir’ area with all surplus being discharged into a sump. The sump contains a pump, which will allow the harvested water to be dispensed via a tap and hosepipe. Even during times of heavy rainfall, this system works efficiently and has the added advantage of operating as a floodwater control method.

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