Safe moves

Ecotreat has introduced a new process for the preparation of mature landscape material shipments into markets that do not allow soil imports. With this new capacity, domestic producers of mature green goods are now able to market and ship products into countries & other areas where native soil importation is restricted and to do so with no risk to their products. With Ecotreat all of the native soil from the root systems of mature green goods is removed and the bare root systems are dipped to eliminate pests that may be present. After sanitation, a new, phytosanitary root encasement is created around the roots. This encasement is constructed using a phytosanitary organic material that has been pre-processed to be basically sterile.
The result is an air free, durable and completely phytosanitary root encasement that protects the root system during shipping & handling, promotes root regeneration and is possessive of sufficient counter weight to allow for ease of handling and re-installation in the destination country or state. This capacity has been extensively tested in multi-year trials and has proven exceptionally successful.
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Ecotreat will be introduced to the nursery industry at The Landscape Show tradeshow in Orlando Florida October 1-3 2009.

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