Quality and confidence …By Sarah James

Let’s be honest, being a landscaping contractor can be stressful. You may have embarked on your career out of an inclination to create interesting landscapes or a love of working outdoors, but the reality is that dealing with customers on the front line means that making those clients happy and meeting their demands has to be your main aim – and ultimately is the only way to achieve success and grow the business.

Couple that with being required to submit and pay invoices, filing your tax return and keeping up to date with the latest legislative change and all the paperwork that comes with it, your time can be taken up all too easily doing things you probably didn’t expect to be doing when you started out. With over 20 years of experience in the supply of fencing and landscaping materials to contractors just like you, AVS Fencing know and understand that your time is valuable.
Take quality for example. The quality of the materials you use ultimately reflects on you as a contractor. If your client isn’t happy with the fencing you have installed, because perhaps after a wet season the wood begins to bow or the timber treatment fails to live up to expectations, the client is not going to be asking your supplier for a solution or even a discount, they’ll be asking you. This is why it is important to have a supplier you can put your faith in from day one.
There have been instances in recent years, since EU legislation banned the incredibly popular CCA preservatives and CCA treated timber in 2003, which have resulted in substandard timber being supplied to the trade and general public. It may be the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that they purchase wood that is suitably treated for the intended use but a situation like that has a tendency to reflect badly on the contractor and the person that specified the project. A trusted supplier like AVS takes that doubt out of the equation.
In these tough times with money being tight for most of the population, your clients are more than likely going to be looking out for the best deal and a bit of a bargain. It’s still important to remember that people still need fences and that demand will not be going away any time soon. You want to be able to provide them with workable solutions within their budget but still make the job financially worthwhile to you.
So how do you stay competitive without having to sacrifice quality and more importantly your bottom line? Our solution is trust and loyalty and that is essentially what AVS are all about. Contractors can trust that we will supply them with the best quality fencing and landscaping materials at a good price, with frequent special offers across the range. AVS are not a contractor, so we are never going to be competing with you for a contract. We want you to win that client because your success is always our success and we reflect this in our competitive pricing and wide product range.
You will also find the 15 Year Guarantee on many of our products including our treated wooden fence posts, makes an excellent selling point to promote to a client. As well as an expanding range of high spec security fencing that has been installed in airports, schools and railways. Along with our prestigious fencing range we have possibly the most comprehensive selection of new and reclaimed sleepers in the country, the popularity of which continues to grow rapidly.
At AVS there is a growing community of trade customers to whom we offer competitive trade pricing on fencing, decking and landscaping materials and exclusive promotions. We also provide a tailored and easy to use service that enables you to build and save job quotes online. After more that 20 years in the fencing industry we have surrounded ourselves with a team with strong knowledge and landscape industry backgrounds, who are there to make your fencing purchases run as smoothly as possible. At AVS you will find an environment where you can get what you need quickly and easily, whether you come to us in person at a branch, by telephone or use our website. Expert advice is available if you need it – we’re happy to be used as a sounding board!
If you’re a busy contractor you will want an efficient solution so get in touch with us and open a Trade Account today. AVS understand that time is money, that’s why you will find everything you will ever need to complete your fence build under one roof. We are and continue to be the most comprehensive one stop shop for fencing supplies, so you don’t need to go anywhere else.
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