Pooling resources

Can you remember swimming as a child in fresh, natural water in lakes and rivers’ Now you can experience that joy again, for you and your children. A new book by renowned landscape designer, Michael Littlewood, ‘Natural Swimming Pools – A Guide for Building’, shows how to re-create that connection with nature. The book shows in easy to follow steps how any one can build a natural swimming pool from scratch for as little as £10,000, less than half the cost of an equivalent sized, chemical pool using a swimming pool contractor, or convert an existing swimming pool or pond to a natural swimming pool.

“The benefits of a natural swimming pool are visual, physical, financial and environmental,” says Michael. “Natural pools don’t need to be drained over winter and filled full of chemicals to make them safe to swim in. They become a more integral part of your natural garden. I wrote the book to show how anyone can create a natural swimming pool or convert an existing pond or pool. It covers all of the design and construction considerations, whether you are doing it yourself or getting a contractor in to do it for you.”


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