Plant of the Month

Camellia is the HTA’s Plant of the month for February and is one of the most popular plants for adding a bright and vibrant splash of colour when there is little else flowering in the garden.
The range of flower colours is vast, from light pinks to dark reds and stunning whites, with single, double and other flower forms available such as peony and anemone. Depending on the cultivar, the flowers can be enjoyed from November through to April. They grow particularly well in a container provided the container is placed out of the early morning sun in frosty weather.
HTA’s David Gilchrist says “Camellias grow well with other ericaceous plants such as Rhododendron, Pieris, and Enkianthu, deciduous and evergreen azaleas. An evergreen with handsome, glossy green leaves, camellias are woodland natives and so prefer a sheltered, shady position, ideally in a spot that avoids direct morning sun (if the flowers thaw out too quickly on a frosty morning they tend to turn brown). You can grow them in a more exposed position but you must keep them well watered.”
Eyecatching Plant of the Month point of sale materials for 2012 can be purchased through HTA partners Hortipak and Floramedia.

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