Olympic plants….

Over 60,000 plants, grasses, herbs and flowers from across the globe have been grown in an Ashford nursery and planted along with 60,000 bulbs in the Olympic Park London 2012 Garden.
The riverside garden stretches for half a mile between the Aquatics Centre and Olympic Stadium and celebrates centuries of British passion for gardens and collecting plants. Over 120,000 plants from 250 different species across the world have been arranged into four temperate regions in the garden: Europe, Americas, Asia and the Southern Hemisphere.
For the second year running the riverbanks around the Olympic Stadium are blooming with golden meadows of cornflowers, marigolds, Californian poppies and prairie flowers especially designed and sown to flower gold just in time for the Opening Ceremony. There are over ten football fields worth of nectar-rich annual and perennial wildflower meadows in the Olympic Park, designed by international wildflower experts from the University of Sheffield.

Palmstead Nurseries grew and supplied the plants for the London 2012 Gardens.

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