No slip ups!

At ten and a half miles long and 220 feet deep, Lake Windermere is the largest lake in Great Britain and has a long history of motor boat racing and water speed records.

In preparation for this year’s racing season, Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club had a series of new jetties installed. However, once installed, those using the jetties found that they became particularly slippery when wet and a potential health hazard.

Peter White of Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club says: “It does sound obvious that when the jetties get wet they become slippery but it was a real issue for us. We tried a number of things to add more grip including laying chicken wire over the surface. This made them look really scruffy and out of place. We also tried self-adhesive strips of non-slip felt but these were not anywhere near as robust as we would have hoped. This is where Glidden Trade stepped in to provide the perfect solution with its Glidden Anti-Slip Floor Paint.”

Glidden Endurance Anti-Slip Floor Paint is a professional quality, solvent based, ready-mixed anti-slip floor coating that provides a consistent textured finish for interior and exterior use. Available in grey, red, green, yellow and black, it is ideal for use on concrete, wood and steel surfaces. It is resistant to pedestrian foot traffic and light rubber wheeled vehicular traffic.

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