HOLME WITH ASPEN … alkylate petrol

Holme for Gardens, one of Dorset’s best-known nurseries and in the heart of the countryside community, is the latest retailer of Aspen alkylate petrol.
Distributed in the UK by Wareham-based Anglo American Oil Company Ltd (AAOC), Aspen alkylate petrol is an environmentally-friendlier fuel available in 4-stroke and premixed 2-stroke varieties.
It contains no benzene, sulphur, toluene or other aromatic hydrocarbons. Consequently, it produces far smaller amounts of pollutants in the exhaust gases of smaller-engined machines, such as mowers, strimmers and chainsaws.
Producing less toxic emissions – and with a five-year shelf life – it is better for people, machines and the environment.
Tel: (+44) 01929 555974.

Holme for Gardens is a family-run concern based just outside Wareham, which has been at the heart of the gardening and wider community since the mid-70s. The nursery, which also includes a pick-your-own and a farm shop, is as celebrated for the expertise of its staff and range of plants as it is for its excellent Orchard Tea Room www.holmeforgardens.co.uk

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