Hard Landscaping Master Classes 2008-9

These one-day workshop-style courses are aimed at the keen amateur gardener, professional maintenance gardener or landscaping assistant, who wishes to develop hard landscaping skills for use in their own garden or on a professional basis for domestic gardens.
Basic Site Surveying techniques for garden landscaping – Working on level site, measuring, triangulation, plotting onto graph paper
Advanced Site Surveying techniques for garden landscaping -Including plotting curved shapes using “offsets” from a baseline – and surveying levels (laser and optical)
Setting out from a drawing – ensuring accuracy. Common mistakes and how to avoid them. How to get it right first time!
Pond and Water Feature construction – taster day! Overview of principles and practice. Construction of small formal pool.
Pergolas and Arches – designs, principles and practice – jointing techniques

For bookings contact Nick Nicholls on 01395 562347. HEBrown@bicton.ac.uk

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