Glee 008 Maingate

Marketing firm Maingate had a number of extremely innovative products on their stand at Glee and had many visitors from nurseries and garden centres.

Peter Valentin managing director explained that the days of the candlight dinner is coming to an end following a number of accidents. No more naked flames in public places. In China they make an incredible 1.3 milion Smart candles a day which are then sold to caterers all over the world. Maingate is one of the UK’s major importers of this enlightened product. The candles are extremly convincing espeically when used as a t-light in a frosted glass holder, they run for about 40 hours and cost only £3.49 a box

Maingate also sell The County Wheelbarrow, a range of gardening gloves and Aquasolo, an automatic wateriing system that allows plants to be watered for a weekend, a week or even a month- moreover the rate of water can be modified according to the plant. The really clever basis to this idea is that the main holder of water is almost any container eg Coke or Fanta or almost any mineral water

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