Friendly clean and easy

Broadwood International has launched Wessex ThawEx liquid brine solution to complement their range of liquid ice-melt products.
The use of liquid brine solution has become increasingly popular with councils, contractors and private estate owners and ThawEx is environmentally friendly, clean, easy to store and unlike granular salt it will not tread into shops, offices and houses.
Many professional contractors favour the benefits of liquid ice-melt and ThawEx, which has no chemical additives, works faster than salt, as salt needs to attract moisture before it starts working and becomes effective. Broadwood supply a range of products for applying ThawEx such as the Wessex ATV liquid brine sprayer, the SnowEx VSS liquid de-icers and the popular SnowEx SL-80 pedestrian brine sprayer which is ideal for walkways, footpaths and shopping precincts. ThawEx is readily available in 20 litre containers or 1,000 litre IBC’s.
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