For the birds

Despite the recession the nation’s gardeners continue to feed wild birds according to new research from the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) which reports a 22% increase in the amount spent on wild bird care products over the last two years.
The research reveals that:

• Six out of ten garden owners feed the birds in their gardens.
• One in four provided nesting or breeding habitats for birds.
• The average spend on wild bird food by those that feed the birds is £28.30 a year – a 22% increase since 2007.

Among those who indicated that they fed birds in their garden:
• Most are following RSPB guidelines and feeding birds throughout the year and not just in winter.
• The largest single share of that spend is through garden centres (24%), followed by pet shops (20%) and supermarkets (18%).
Caroline Owen, Chair of the HTA Retail Management Group told The Landscaper , “We are a nation of bird lovers and once people start to feed the birds in their garden they are unlikely to stop. As a result of the recession people are spending more time at home and in their gardens and this could be one of the reasons why the wild bird care market continues to grow. There is something special about looking after the wildlife in your own garden.”

The RSPB Feed the Birds Day takes place over the weekend of 24/25 October 2009.

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