Charles Tassell who farms in Ulcombe, Kent has recently become the proud owner of a 1948 Field Marshall, Series 2. The tractor returned to home shores in October 2007
having spent all of its working life in Argentina and will this year be exhibited at the Heritage Transport Show and Auction. Charles believes that the Field Marshall range was used abroad due to its simplicity; a single cylinder, two stoke engine with manual not electric starter. The Field Marshall was a perfectly sturdy, reliable workhorse that was easy to maintain.
The Tassell family had always used Fordson’s and then Massey’s on the farm, so his passion for Marshall came unexpectedly during his Kent Young Farmer days.
A 1948 Field Marshall, series 2 had a speed of 6mph, Robert H Crawford & Son were able to supply a conversion kit, similar to an option on some models, to increase the speed to 10mph, something Charles is very grateful for. “My first outing was to the Weald of Kent Ploughing Match in mid September and the extra speed ensured that my vintage powered journey time to the Match fell by 30mins, each way”. Charles sees his Field Marshall as an opportunity to have some fun and will be attending a number of events in 2012, including the Heritage Transport Show and Auction.TEl 01622 630975.

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