Encouraging people to use parks

Outdoor exercise delivers an estimated £2.2bn of health benefits to adults in England each year, a study suggests.
Scientists calculated that more than eight million people each week took at least 30 minutes of “green exercise”.
They hope the results highlight how encouraging more people to use parks will help reverse the trend of rising obesity levels across the UK.
The findings have been presented in the journal Preventative Medicine.
“What we look at here is something that can be converted relatively simply into monetary values,” explained lead author Mathew White from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health at the University of Exeter.
Dr White told BBC News that since the 1970s there had been studies showing the link between physical activity and health benefits.
“There are very clear ideas about how much physical activity needs to be done in order to benefit health. What we have done here is to focus on those people who use the natural environment for enough activity a week (5×30 minutes) in order to justify gains in their health,” he added.
“First of all we looked at the total number of people that went to the natural environment in England each year. Then we looked at the total number of people who engage in what we call an active visit (cycling, walking, running etc).
“We then looked at how often they did that, and if they did it enough times to benefit their health which we converted into something called Quality Adjusted Life Years, which could then be converted into monetary estimates.”

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