Elm trees thriving

Elm trees thriving

More than 10,000 disease tolerant elm trees are now thriving in the UK. Individually they are each playing a small part in a unique project to bring the elm back into the British landscape. Their numbers swelled recently thanks to the arrival of 2,500 further trees, all grown to order in the USA.

The tree’s botanical name is Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’, an American elm with proven tolerance to Dutch Elm Disease. They make ideal, large specimen trees and avenues and are perfect as street trees within towns and cities, thriving in urban situations where other weaker specimens would fail.

The elms are being imported by Neil Lucas, the owner of Dorset’s Knoll Gardens.

“Despite our best efforts we have yet to find a native elm tree with proven tolerance to Dutch Elm Disease,” said Neil. “Planting the fast-growing Princeton elm ensures that the elm remains within our botanical matrix, and opens new possibilities to the wide variety of flora and fauna once dependent on our native trees. Whilst scientific trials are still underway, my own experience tells me that, at least here in Dorset, the
wildlife is enjoying all the trees have to offer!”


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