Danger when digging – legal requirements

With all of the work that goes on at commercial sites and residential properties today, it is more important now than ever before to make sure that everything is done properly for the safety of the crew you have onsite. Each day workers are injured in some way because proper detection was not done regarding the placement of gas pipelines, and cables for power That is why it is so important that you are able to detect these lines, know just where they are on the job site and avoid them. It is also a legal requirement.
MANS Location Services offer the finest cable locators to allow for proper cable location on each job.
Cable Location Equipment
Mans offer a full range of equipment that can provide you with cable and pipe location capabilities like never before. The locators available are among the best in the industry and make use of the latest in technological advances so you can be sure that you are getting the most accurate information possible regarding the placement of all of the cables and pipes that potentially are on the job site. This allows you to proceed with the job without the worry of harm coming to any equipment that you may be using or to any of your crew.
CAT Scan Tools
Mans  offer the latest in CAT scan tools, also known as Cable Avoidance Tools, which are designed to detect the signals that emanate from the cables so that they can be discovered properly. They  also provide a line of CAT and Genny (Signal Generators) so that you are able to properly and safely avoid any and all pipes and cables that may present.
Not only will you find that Mans the ideal source for all of the equipment for your cable detection needs, but we at MANS Location Services can help you with repairs of any equipment you may own, re-calibration of your equipment (which should be done every twelve months) and training on the correct use of the equipment. You will get all of their experience and knowledge in the industry with every product that you purchase from them
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