Mead may not have been around much since about 7000BC but with the emphasis on self-sufficiency growing stronger in these recessionary times, it and a number of other alcoholic fruit drinks are making a comeback.
Making Mead, Cider, Perry and Fruit Wines shows you how to use honey, apples, pears and garden fruits to make alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that you can enjoy throughout the year. Sharing knowledge based on his own experience, author Craig Hughes explains over 195 pages where and when to find your raw materials and what sort of equipment you’ll need. Hughes includes delicious recipes that use common and less common fruits and shares some secrets on how to cut costs without cutting quality.
Contents include:
• Where to find your raw materials
• Fruit wine
• Mead
• Perry
• Cider
• List of common and less common fruits that can be used
• Hangover cures
Craig Hughes has been making fruit wines, Perry and cider for a good number of years and uses his own honey to make fantastic mead. As well as being owner of, and head apiarist at, Crossmoor Honey with over 30 years of keeping bees behind him, he is also a qualified and classically trained chef.
The first five readers to e mail subject Making Mead with name address and postcode will win a free copy of this instructive book.

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