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Martin Bennett is the managing director of Lumena Lights, a firm that has enjoyed substantial growth since its foundation only three years ago. I met up with Martin as he was preparing to fly for The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair.
I was interested to learn why Martin, founder of the successful audio and TV accessory company B -Tech had turned his attention to lighting.
“It’s always interested me for a number of reasons . It’s creative- modern techniques mean you can change the appearance of any object, you can pick out and emphasise different shades and colours, you can spotlight plants, statues and illuminate water. In short you can create any mood for the garden . You can make lighting talk”.

Why was he about to board an aeroplane for 15 hours? “ Without any doubt The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is the biggest lighting trade Fair in the world. This is understandable since 99 per cent of the worlds lighting products come from China. The industry is growing fast, lighting is becoming more reliable and because of economies of scale product is getting cheaper. It’s my job to make sure we are completely up to date with all the new developments and buy the best possible quality product for our UK customers.”
Landscapers make up a good percentage of Martins customers I asked why he thought this was the case. “ I feel we offer a really good service, we have a massive showroom in Daventry nearly 20,000 sq ft and it is staffed by qualified people who really understand our products. We also sell directly to the landscaping industry without involving a third party which means we are able to offer a substantial 30 per trade discount.”

The innovative new lighting ranges from Lumena Lights provide the solution to easy installation Garden and Landscape lighting with style, quality and durability.
As well as the core range of 220-240v energy saving outdoor lighting: – Bollard Lights, Path Lights, LED Lighting and Wall lights; Lumena have launched a comprehensive range of low energy, easy to install 12v Lighting.
They are one of the only UK suppliers to stock 12v and 220-240v coloured floodlights, including remote control colour changing LED designs for fantastic lighting effects.
Other lights in the 12v series include Tree Lighting, Uplights, path lights and spotlights which can all be provided with in-ground spike fixings to create balanced lighting in any garden or landscape. The contemporary 12v garden wall lights on offer include twin and single spotlights with an extra durable anodised finish; modern, eye-catching and longer lasting than standard spotlights.

On a larger scale, the Lumena Vintage Range consists of over 90 combinations of stunning Victorian style Lamp Posts, Lanterns, Brackets, Patio Posts and more. These traditional, decoratively styled cast iron or cast aluminium posts and lanterns instantly add sophistication and a high end look to any garden, driveway, courtyard or pathway.
To see the full range, and register for trade discount of 30%, please visit:
Tel 01327 871 161

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