“Biggest leap in our industry since motorizing outdoor products”.

What if your trimmer could talk to your smartphone, or smart watch, and help you do landscaping in new ways?
Following the positive response to the sensor based fleet management system Husqvarna Fleet Services, Husqvarna presents a concept of a connected battery that can collect and provide real-time data from power tools.
Featuring the connected battery technology idea, Husqvarna also unveils a design concept hedge trimmer for the future, with a visor that uses real-time data and augmented reality to support operators.
During a press event in Antwerp, Husqvarna unveiled a prototype of a lithium battery with integrated Bluetooth connectivity – a connected battery. Tools equipped with the new battery prototype will be able to share valuable information about itself to its user. The battery prototype can easily be paired with an operator’s smartphone or a smart watch, to either provide the operator direct information, or to pass on information to other members of the team, such as other operators, managers, technicians or dealers.
Kai Wärn, CEO and President of the Husqvarna Group said, “Battery and connectivity constitute the biggest leap in our industry since motorizing outdoor products”.

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