Wipe out the weeds !

Rather than spraying, a fast and far more cost-effective method of wiping out weeds is the Wessex Rotowiper weed wiper.
Ideal for paddock, pasture and turf care the first thing you notice is that it uses much less chemical than spraying and, most importantly, it targets the vulnerable underside of weed leaf, hitting it where it hurts without killing grass or clover.
A wiper carpet specifically designed for weed wiping uses UV-protected interwoven loops to hold moisture drops. The 45 litre chemical tank coats an adjustable height roller with weedkiller and the wiper roller rotates in the opposite direction to travel, coating the underside of weed leaves thoroughly and efficiently, as well as wiping the stem.
A pump is controlled remotely from the safety and comfort of the seat of an ATV or UTV, the rotor is spirally welded for maximum strength and two check valves in the centre of the roller keep it evenly coated with the chemical.
There is a neoprene rubber strip that prevents any risk of spray drift and aids foaming, so the Rotowiper is the ideal solution for working near water coarses without the danger of pollution. Productivity is also increased because the weedwiper can be used on windy days where sprayers can’t. The Wessex Rotowiper is available in a 2.4m width and the large wheels and wide wheelbase keep it stable and steady in use. It fits any standard ball hitch, it can be triple mounted for controlling larger areas and three-point linkage versions are also available.
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