Targeted weed control

Nomix Enviro is one of the UK’s leading supplier of targeted weed control products. They will be exhibiting several products at this year’s ARB Show, including: Total Droplet Control (TDC), the Stem Master and Ecoplug Max.
TDC low volume weed control system, is ideal for use around tree bases. With no mixing or measuring required, TDC is a quicker, safer alternative to conventional knapsacks. There is virtually no spray drift with TDC, significantly reducing the risk of any damage to surrounding desired vegetation.
The Stem Master is Nomix’s injector system for use against invasive weeds, particularly Japanese Knotweed. The Stem Master delivers an accurate herbicide dose into the stem of the weed.
Ecoplug Max is a revolutionary new treatment for cut tree stumps. The herbicide is delivered directly into the stump, effectively controlling re-growth and avoiding the risk of chemical wash-off. The sealed plug also avoids operator contact with herbicide, making it safer than conventional stump control methods.
Visit Nomix on stand T10 to find out more.

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