Spray for us

SCH (Supplies) have now modified their sprayer units to improve the versatility of the product.
The sprayer can be towed behind a garden tractor, or hand pushed in which case the wide profile, pneumatic wheels make easy work of uneven terrain. A hand lance comes as standard with all units. The pressure gauge is adjustable allowing you to fine tune the spray volume to your own requirements. It has a four anti-drip nozzle boom located close to the ground which minimises drift. An anti-drift cover is available as an optional extra, to eliminate drift altogether. The sprayer comes ready to use, with its own 12 volt pump, battery and battery charger.
The company have also developed two new sprayers this year, both of which contain all the main benefits of the original. The Multi Nozzle Sprayer has a wide boom with four heads each accommodating three different spray nozzles, allowing for variable spray patterns. This makes the unit ideal for a variety of uses, e.g., herbicides, soil treatments, fungicides etc. This sprayer has a diaphragm pump with a capacity of 4 litres at 2 – 4 bar. Higher flow pumps up to 17 litres per minute can be fitted. They have also produced a new Rough Ground Unit ). With its four larger pneumatic wheels, this unit is ideal for particularly rough or soft ground. All the sprayers can be fitted, as an optional extra, with a marker blobber unit.

TEl 01473 328272. www.sch-supplies.uk.com

(See special feature on this subject The Landscaper: February 009)

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