Scarification …….The benefits

Greenkeepers are well aware of the benefits of scarification on fine turf, where it removes thatch and tidies up unwanted lateral growth. The operation encourages healthy growth and maintains the appearance of greens and tees throughout a busy playing season.
The process also improves surface penetration by water and enhances airflow around the plant which minimises the potential for disease.
Trilo’s VCU 120, available from The Grass Group, has a working width of 1.2m – ideal for greens and tees – and weighs in at just 225kg, teaming up ideally with compact tractors. A slightly offset design allows working right up to the edge of the green or tee without risking damage by the tyres.
Spacing for the rugged tungsten tipped blades is 50mm as standard, but can be swapped to 25mm for greater intensity and working depth is to a maximum of 50mm, for effective, clean scarification that will be an asset on any golf course.
A new addition to the range is the VCU 150, with a working width of 1.5 metres, the 150 has been specifically designed to tackle tough thatch build-ups on any sports field, park or open space. The machine is equipped with 3 mm thick blades spaced at 30mm, and has an undulating wheel base for superb control on contouring ground.
For those requiring an even wider working width, there is the VCU 200, a two metre version. The machine can easily handle thatch build-ups right down to 40mm, simply by changing a stepless adjuster on both sides, which moves the front roller against the scarifier blades.
All three machines are built around a single rigid frame construction, making them extremely robust and hard wearing. Tim Merrell of The Grass Group spoke to The Landscaper “Finding the right machine can be tricky – pedestrian scarifiers make it a time consuming job and can suffer from wear and tear with a heavy workload. On fine turf, tractor mounted machines can be heavy and cumbersome.
The VCU range offers a tailored solution for any scarifying task – whether it’s the delicate operation of working on a golf green, or the heavyweight task of scarifying a sports field – we are offering a real quality product.
“ If the lowest cost option is selected then one has to ask why is machine A cheaper than machine B? Buying the cheapest leaves one open to an inferior product; little or no customer service; no residual value and possibly an upset dealer you’ve relied upon for several years to help you out, and loan you bits of kit when you’re stuck.
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