Plan ahead….British Seed Houses A20 Ryesport,

“Spring is such a busy time that groundsmen should plan ahead”, says BSH’s Richard Brown. “Think about your grass seed mixture selection well ahead of when you want to reseed, “he says. “Look at the STRI list – check the qualities of each cultivar.
“A little research can help pinpoint the exact mixture for your needs – does a packed year round programme mean that you need good recovery after matches? Are shading, drought or cold weather important issues for your pitch? By working your way down the lists you can select cultivars to improve your sward and gain better performance from sportsturf.”
British Seed Houses’ A20 Ryesport, for example, is a mixture of perennial ryegrasses Vesuvius, Lucius, Cadix and Carnac, offering outstanding cultivar performance. Benefits include an attractive dark green colour summer and winter, excellent recovery after matches and a high shoot density for quick establishment and strong growth.
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