Knotweed App Checker…

Japanese Knotweed Control (JKC) has extended its support for the amenity sector with the launch of a new free iPhone and android phone application.
The new application, the first of its kind in this market and 12 months in development by JKC, is intended to engage and educate landscapers and contractors on the growing environmental problem of invasive, non-native plant species such as Japanese Knotweed.
Users of the app can not only learn how to recognise and identify various problem plant species but can also submit photographs of any suspected infestations and receive a prompt and personal response from the UK’s leading professional treatment experts.
Should an image of a potential problem area be submitted, the app can pinpoint its precise geographic location, identify the species and give guidance as what treatment support might be needed to minimise or eliminate the threat. The app is an excellent example of how the latest technology can have a practical and immediate benefit in addressing a very traditional environmental problem.
David Layland, joint managing director of JKC, who helped develop the app commented: “Our research confirmed a growing requirement not just for a knotweed identification tool but also for prompt, professional advice on how to treat it. This app will be of enormous benefit to the amenity sector and anyone who regularly encounters issues with these invasive species.”
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