Irrigation sensors

Irrigation sensors save water


As droughts and water usage restrictions look set to become more frequent, new ways of saving water and using it more efficiently are being seriously considered by property owners and contractors. Rain Bird Flow Sensor technology is designed to monitor irrigation systems and identify any emerging problems. Leaks or line breaks, typically caused by root intrusion, groundworks or vehicles could go unnoticed without flow sensors and result in damage to property, flooded landscapes and higher water bills.

The latest addition to Rain Bird’s range is the new FG100 Flow Sensor which is designed for residential or smaller commercial installations. It provides year round protection for the investment in an irrigation system by monitoring for high or low flow and instantly identifying when there is a leak or line break.

Information is fed back to a linked Rain Bird ESP-ME3 controller that supports flow monitoring and  remedial action can be undertaken immediately. When paired with Rain Bird’s Mobile App for iPhone or Android, which gives the user full control over flow settings, this can be conveniently carried out from any location. 

The FG 100 is an up-front, low cost investment and as a simple add-on is fast and easy to install using standard irrigation wire. Its design includes a paddle wheel that sits in ceramic bearings and ensures durability. It is winter ready and does not need to be removed during the annual shutdown when using air to push water out of the system.

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