INFINICUT® FX pedestrian mower delivers on bowls maintenance contract

Richard Peel Groundcare have taken delivery of an INFINICUT® FX pedestrian mower, complete with an UltraGroomer™ cassette from the TMSystem™ range, to help them deliver on a brand-new bowls maintenance contract.

Undertaking pitch maintenance and renovations for football clubs at all levels, Richard Peel prides himself on using ‘industry leading machinery to deliver the best possible results to each individual customer’. That was why, when the company won a new contract to maintain five bowling greens in the Manchester area, there was only one mower in contention to deliver the desired results. “We’d had always been impressed with the INFINICUT® when we had seen it at industry trade shows,” explains Richard.

After a successful demonstration, Richard took delivery of his new 22” INFINICUT® Fixed Head mower in June 2020, from local dealer Balmers GM. “From an environmental point of view, the battery is major plus – not just as a cleaner source of energy, but the reduction in noise and vibration issues for the operator. HAV is a massive industry-wide issue, causing long-lasting damage to those using machinery on a daily basis. It’s something I’m really passionate about reducing with every piece of equipment I buy.”

The range of interchangeable TMSystem™ cassette options was another influential factor in the purchase of the INFINICUT®, enabling the grounds team to conduct different operations throughout the maintenance calendar. “We also purchased the UltraGroomer™ cassette, which we will use on the greens once a month, to keep on top of any lateral growth and thatch accumulations. This should mean we won’t then have to conduct more invasive removal operations come the end of the season.”

Delighted with his purchase, Richard concludes, “This combination of equipment now puts us in the best position to keep the greens healthy, playing well and looking at their best throughout the year.”

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