GKB Infiller creates a presence on UK artificial turf

Sport Surface Solutions UK are the first to experience the true power and efficiency of the GKB Infiller.

Defined as fast, efficient and professional, Sports Surface Solutions UK are the first in the UK to have a GKB Infiller and are still impressed with the robust machine six months on. 

Tom Shinkins, Operations Manager at GKB, says: “This is a product we have been developing over a number of years with our own contracting side and other experienced contractors in the Netherlands.

“It is great to be able to bring a product to the UK market in this way.” 

Installing pitches for over 25 years and always pushing for the latest innovations in both turf maintenance and technologies, the GKB Infiller was the only choice to match market leaders to the most reliable synthetic turf maintenance machine. 

Sports Surface Solutions UK praised the well-built machine for its versatility. Nick Wells, Managing Director, says, “The GKB Infiller can be used to apply multiple different types of infill material.”

Thanks to GKB’s impressive innovation, this machine has the ability to efficiently apply several types of infill material such as sand, SBR rubber, TPE rubber and cork in two directions. Nick adds, “These features really stood out to me, It’s a natural infill machine.” 

A unique feature of this machine is that the driver’s seat is rotatable. This allows you to fill the carpet full of sand before driving over it. 

Every project that is completed is always on time and to specification. Sports Surface Solutions UK pride themselves on installing a performance critical surface, with the highest level of workmanship, Nick stated that the GKB Infiller will be used to infill synthetic pitches that they install. 

To determine how much infill material is distributed, the precision control valve can be set from 0 to 100mm. Not only this but it is manually adjustable as well as hydraulically operated. 

Thanks to the flap in the front of the bunker, which can be opened from 0 to 100mm, you have the possibility to regulate the amount of sand that is distributed. All whilst there are specially designed agitators in the bunker to break up rubber crumb infill and guarantee an even spreading pattern.

“The ease of operation and speed in which this allows pitches to be infilled with sand and other infill products is very specialised,” Tom adds. 

Also provided with aluminium extensions to enlarge the bunker capacity of the bunker mounted on top of the chassis. The bunker is increased by these extensions from 1.06m3 to 3m3.

Praising the GKB machines customer service Nick Wells says, “One thing I really value in the GKB brand is that they are true specialists in machinery.”

Engaged with the development of innovative maintenance machines for sports pitches since 1985, GKB Machines continues to strive to develop the very best machines.

Having worked with GKB Machines predecessor the only choice for Nick was a GKB engineered machine when production started. 

Every GKB Machine must satisfy the high-quality requirements that they impose. A sustainable, reliable and robust machine is the foundation for your operation. 

GKB Machines place a high value on the final user of the machine and Sports Surface Solutions UK have the most comprehensive machinery in the UK. The GKB Infiller was the perfect match, encompassing sturdiness with effortless ground management. 

Sports Surface Solutions UK do not sub-contract any aspect of their work to ensure a one stop contractor for all your specialist surface needs. 

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